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Welcome to the Callboard!

Here you can find cast lists, audition packets, special announcements and rehearsal schedules.  

Please make sure to check the callboard regularly as to not miss out on any information!

Thespian Festival Info found here!

Please click on the following links below to get more info about the Texas Thespian Festival and fill out the required paperwork.  Total cost is $280 to be paid via Online School Fees and is due September 8th.

Fall Show Cast and Crew Lists

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Chief Bromden - Gage Dragoo

McMurphy - Ethan Simpson

Dale Harding - Nazareth Hill

Billy Bibbitt - Kaushik Setty

Scanlon - Hudson Rose

Cheswick - Corey Vice

Martini - Isaac Vincent

Ruckley - Dheeraj Missula



Nurse Ratched - Samantha Imena

Nurse Flinn - Emerson Daniel

Dr. Spivey - Reagan Donnelly

Aide Warren - Jonas Harris

Aide Williams - Gage Carpenter

Aide Turkle - Anish Javvadi 



Candy - Angelina Kmaya

Sandra - Crystal Nerren 



Patients - Nic Castillo, Luisa Swain

Ratched - Reagan Donnelly

Nurse Flinn - Mira Padusenko

Dr. Spivey - Naina Prevendar

Candy - Mia Bailly

Sandra - Zoe Napolitano


Stage Manager

Madeline Leveridge

Light Design

Veer Krishnapuram

Backstage Light Design

Axel Rodriguez

Sound Design

Joshua Morton

Prop Managers

Erik Macias & Dylan Rodriguez

Crew Head

Nathan Kinghorn

Run Crew

Zain Ali, Ian Leano, Ali Zoheiry

Steel Magnolias 


Truvy - Olivia Lay

Anelle - Meredith Stilwill

Clairee - Ainsley Smith

Shelby - Palmer Johnson

M'Lynn - Finley Johnson

Ouiser - Aniah Vincent


Truvy - Quinn Mercier

Anelle - Emily Main

Clairee - Willow Nwadmadi

Shelby - Tavishi Kumar

M'Lynn - Nitya Purini

Ouiser - Tristan Barnes


Stage Manager

Emma D'Andria

Light Design

Zahraa Zaman, Aashi Shah

Sound Design

Rian Leiser

Costume & Prop Crew

Arista Cojocaru

Isabelle Padilla

Anisha Vijay

Katie Korrigan

Zoe Maxwell

Anushka Thakre

Kanak Ghotra

Haley Kraus

Costume Design:

Charlotte Dejecacion

Congrats to all!

Join the FHs Theatre Department Remind!  It is the best way to get all of the information you need.  We have a parent and student remind.  See the info below:


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Induction Information and payment link can be found under the International Thespian Society Tab.

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