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Welcome to the Callboard!

Here you can find cast lists, audition packets, special announcements and rehearsal schedules.  

Please make sure to check the callboard regularly as to not miss out on any information!

Picnic Cast and Crew

Helen Potts – Mia Lacy

Hal Carter – Gage Dragoo

Millie Owens – Aniah Vincent 

Bomber – Ethan Simpson

Madge Owens – Bailey Crawford

Flo Owens – Ainsley Smith

Rosemary Sydney –Samantha Imena

Alan Seymour – Will Hobbs

Irma Kronkite – Finley Johnson

Christine Schoenwalder – Angie Kmaya

Howard Bevans – Micah Flowers



Stage Manager - Reagan Godwin

Lights - Veer Krishnapuram

Sound - Brynn Peralta

Backstage Lights - Sofia Olavarrieta


Alternates will be pulled from the Premiere and Bravo Classes.  All others who are not cast or crew on Picnic will work on our guest director show, which is TBD at this time.


Congratulations to all!

Jekyll Cast List.png
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