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Congratulations to our Advanced Theatre Students for the 2022-2023 School Year!


Gage D

Finley J

Mia L

Sofia O

Gracie P

Anna S

Will H

Mia B

Angie K

Emerson D

Ethan S

Ainsley S

Aniah V

Samantha I

Keren M

Crystal N

Hudson R

Malachai F

Meredith S

Bailey C

Reagan D

Rian L


Luisa S 

Niya M

Neel G

Alex D

Anish J

Tristan B

Aashi S

Zoe N

Kaushik S

Shakeyia C

Love J

Arwah Y

Kymora E

Avani E

Isabel Y

Ian K

Braylee M

Austin C


Elite Tech

Veer K

Madeline L

Pars B

Brynn P

Andrew G

Natasha L

Jaden L

Daniel L

Reagan G



James H (Student Director) 

Nicole C

Emma d’A

Kendall D

Giordana G

Rebecca H

Palmer J

William L

Lauren N

Zsaleh P

Sophie S

Isaac V

Parker W

Neela B


Premiere Tech

Kai C

Charlotte D

Ayala E

Elissa G

Isabelle P

James P

Axel R

Giovanna S

Aaron W

Luis C

Angelique R

Izquierdo H